Why Txt Msgs Sck Dck

Why in the world would any guy in his right mind want to take a step backward down the intimacy ladder with women?

Yet that is exactly what many men are doing by following stupid-ass advice from “PUA GURUS” to use text messaging with women they’ve just met.

Listen: using your voice is far more powerful, conveys far more emotional meaning, and enables you to evoke far more powerful states of emotion than even the most cleverly worded text.

Hey: if it is true that 70% of communication is not the actual words we use, but facial expressions and the tone of our voice, then what in the world do you think is the result of just typing words?

Is it just me, or does that seem like screwing when your dick is soft?

The only time you should ever use text messages with women is after you have already “hooked up”. Once you’ve done that, then texting can be a way to easily arrange meetings or stay in touch, but even then it has to be used judiciously and sparingly.

A few other things to bear in mind:

  • My students often tell me about women who at the end of a phone call will say “text me” or who will want to hang up, yet immediately continue the conversation via txt msg-ng. Is she serious? Don’t you want her to take a step forward, TOWARD you? Will texting “hey wassup?” pull her closer?
  • So she’s into “sexting.” Like cybering, you have to wonder, is she visioning you when she types all that naughty stuff, or is she thinking about a guy she’s actually fckng who isn’t there rite now 2 srvce hr 2day?

Remember: txt mssgs sck dck and only asshls use them on chicks they hvnt fckd.

Peace and piece,

Aldy Harold

P.S. When you can use your language to capture and lead a woman’s imagination and emotions within minutes of meeting her, she’ll probably text you something like, “Cn I cme ovr and sck yr dck?”


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